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What is Epilepsy?

Epilepsy is a neurological disorder characterized by sudden recurring attacks of motor and sensory malfunctions with or without a loss of consciousness or convulsive activity.  A seizure happens when some brain cells get too busy and start to send mixed up messages to the body. This results in things happening to the person's body that the person having the seizure did not intend to happen. Anything the brain can make the body do, such as see things, smell things, taste things, move, or even stare, can happen during a seizure. 0.5% of the general population has epilepsy. But it is estimated that one in 20 people will have at least one seizure during the course of their life. While seizures are characteristic of epilepsy, having a single seizure does not, in itself, constitute epilepsy. The effects of seizures can vary from complete loss of consciousness to mild shakes or loss of balance.


“Given certain conditions, absolutely anybody can experience a seizure. Why, then, do some people experience seizures frequently and other people not at all? The answer to this question lies in the complex interrelationship between genetics (or heredity) and acquired factors. It appears that we inherit our family’s seizure threshold. We may inherit a predisposition toward epilepsy, but whether or not we develop seizures may depend on what triggers events – such as brain trauma or infection – we later encounter.”

 Epilepsy and Seizures; Everything You Need To Know by Dr. Donald Weaver
2001 by Dr. Donald F. Weaver


This epilepsy sites navigator was created to serve those people affected by seizures through support, encouragement and education in order to provide them with a positive quality of life. This site was created by a person with epilepsy and the VNS implant who has also undergone a craniotomy and is offering knowledge, real life experiences and support for persons with epilepsy and for friends & family members of those with epilepsy and seizure disorders. It is hoped that the sites within this webpage shall offer information to whatever one's epilepsy needs.


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The EFA is an excellent resource tool regarding research, advocacy, local affiliate groups, daily chat rooms, links to other sites and so much more.
For those folks interested in participating in a daily chat session (people with epilepsy, parents with parents, teens, seniors, friends, etc.) EFA offers daily chat sessions at 8:00pm EST, 7:00pm CST, 5:00pm PST, click on the link below:


Click on the Capital to learn more about six term congressman Tony Coelho, the primary author and sponsor of the ADA & chair of the EFA Board of Directors.



Click to the left to enter BrainTalk site's epilepsy chat room

Welcome to the most thorough epilepsy tracking site, where  you can chat, send private messages, set up siezure logs, monitor your health, learn about your symptoms, treatments, research under way and so much more!


Click below to enter a site where you can veiw the definition of multitudes of seizure types & a wealth of other useful info





AES promotes research and education for the professionals dedicated to the prevention, treatment and cure of epilepsy.




offers useful information such as types of seizures, myths & misperceptions about epilepsy, a historical perspective and other tidbits.



To find out the definition of epilepsy, its causes, its risk factors, its symptoms, its diagnosis and so much more, click on the site link to the right.



Click on the WebMD icon to find a wealth of info on epilepsy



Find out more about Seizure Alert Dogs and what they can do.



Dog dials 911 to save owner. Click on the picture to find out more information.

Paws with a Cause is the largest provider of Service Dogs trained to deal with seizure disorders. Click on the icon above to find out more information.

Click on the happy driver to find out how long you must be seizure free in your state before you can drive again


Click to the right to find out about menstrual related seizures


Find out here what your rights are in the work place


Click on the Clinical Trials link to see how the RNS study is progressing.


Allow the people at the National Institute of Health to tell you about any clinical trials in progress for persons with seizures



Allow the folks at the American Academy of Neurology tell you everything you wanted to know about many different brain disorders, their symptoms, their treatments and how to live with a brain disorder


The Invisibilities Advocate is here to offer you both inspiration as well as a wealth of information to uplift and encourage you


Let Epilepsy Toronto tell you all about your nutrition, exercise, memory, meds & much more and how they are affected by epilepsy


Click here to find out more about Deep Brain Stimulation


Let the people at the Centre for Neuro Skills tell you about seizures & genetics and so much more


Whether it's epilepsy or any other chronic illness, here are some tips on who to tell, what your employer needs to know, and what people should do in case of an emergency.


Take a peek at the 5 most important tech advancements that have allowed us to look into the structure and function of the living brain.


So what can you do if you have tried every AED cocktail under the sun without success? Have you thought about trying hearbals? Read here first what is known about various homeothic remedies.


Click on the glowing brain to find out more about clinical trials around the U.S. regarding epilepsy.


Click on the swimmer to the right to watch a video and to learn more about epilepsy & water safety.


Click to the left for an online community where parents have access to valuable data resources about rare, life-threatening diseases in children.


Memory problems? Who? Is it my age? Is it my AEDS? Is it my seizing? What was that again?


At you can ask your E questions and there are doctors and nurses on line waiting to give you an answer right away.


CURE's main objecting is working toward the cause of epilepsy through increasing public awareness and raising money for epilepsy research. 


The goals of the Epilepsy Phenome/Genome Project are to better understand what causes epilepsy, why some families have several people with epilepsy, and how we can better predict which anti-seizure medications (or no medication) will work best for an individual. 


Find out more about Dravet syndrome. Ds is known as a Severe Myoclonic Epilepsy of Infancy. It is a rare and catastrophic form of epilepsy for which there is currently no cure.


The International Dravet Syndrome Epilepsy Action League, a volunteer-based nonprofit organization, was founded by parents of children with Dravet Syndrome to promote research and education for the early diagnosis, appropriate treatment, and cure of  Dravet Syndrome, also known as SMEI (Severe Myoclonic Epilepsy of Infancy), and related genetic, febrile, sodium channel epilepsies. 


Let the WHO provide you with an historical overview of epilepsy, from the first cases recorded through the ages until present day.


Do you have any questions or want to talk about epilepsy? Coping With Epilepsy is a friendly site for everyone to talk about anything related to living with epilepsy.



Click here to read up on some cool info about epilepsy



Get the facts on SUDEP... what it means, what it can do, who it can effect, how to be cautious, etc.




Click here to find out more about the truth of one of the tragedies of epilepsy. Learn first hand from one family who endured the sorrow of SUDEP's agony and sorrow. Become educated. Silence is NOT an option!


Click here to view online videos about epilepsy






"We hold these truths to be self evident: that all men are created equal; that they are endowed by their Creator with certain inalienable rights; that among these are life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness."


There is a matter of great concern to a multitude of people. In an attempt to inform, to educate, and to advocate, some of those representative of this multitude have agreed to provide you with details of their experiences and of the profound impact this great concern has continued to have on most aspects of the quality of life itself. You have been afforded the opportunity to share in this endeavor.


In your hands you are holding the true life concern of people with the condition Epilepsy. Epilepsy has many causes. It has been around since Babylonian times and is mentioned in the Bible. As a group we are seeking public awareness, fairness from our elected officials and empathy for youth affected with this condition and understanding as well. We need to dispel the myths that surround this condition, such as mental defect; some of us hold a higher IQ than many of the recognized intellectuals.  There are more persons affected by Epilepsy than Breast Cancer and Aids combined. Epilepsy is also a killer and needs to be known as that. Emergency personnel have a need to update their knowledge and let go of the myths as well. You will read of treatments that are in the dark ages. Please, help us in our effort to gain the national recognition that is long over due. Epilepsy has no boundaries affecting all races, sexes, nationalities and species. There are also many causes for Epilepsy all resulting in the same thing; seizures.
It is difficult to imagine that in the 21 century an issue such as this has to be addressed. The need is real. The statistics are staggering. The concerns of the unspoken are real. To not address and remedy their concerns is, in and of itself, a travesty. "We hold these truths."


Co-authored by : Kelena, RN and Terri, RN, two individuals with Epilepsy who joined together for the sole purpose of raising Public Awareness about this illness with the hope of changing the attitudes of the public and thereby providing us all with the ability to Pursue every Happiness.



Let the experts at the neurology channel tell you all about different types of seizures. Click on the brain logo above.



Find out from the experts everything you need to know about epilepsy such as facts about prescriptions you may be taking,clinical trials, diagnosis, symtoms, management, nutrition, treatment, genetics or about a vast variety of other health related issues. Click on the NLM sites logo above.



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Rulers & Statesmen

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Napoleon Bonaparte
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(Hence the term Morbus Hurculeus; another term for epilepsy. It was later called "morbus sacer" which means "sacred disease." ) 


November is National  Epilepsy Awareness Month !


Let Uncle Sam help you find your elected officials !
EFA ACTION ALERT: We need you to call your Members of Congress to encourage them to support issues that effect all those people with epilepsy. This is a terrific opportunity to increase public awareness and inform legislators about the impact epilepsy has on people's lives. To show widespread support ,we are hoping to have as many Members of Congress as possible agree to co-sponsor any legislation that impacts epileptics.


Click on the ribbon to find out what Uncle Sam is pushing through office right now regarding those recieving Medicare or Medicaid benifits


Nation Brain Tumor Foundation

The vision that you glorify in your mind,
and the ideal that you enthrone in your heart;
these will fashion your life and this you will become.


An excellent resource for useful information & facts about epilepsy



Allow the members at the Epilepsy Education Association's sites to expand your knowledge about epilepsy



Click on the brainwaves above and allow The Epilepsy & Brain Mapping Program to share a wealth of site information regarding topics such as medications, ketogenic diets, epilepsy surgery & vagus nerve stimulation 

Click on the icon to the left to find out more about epilepsy clinical research programs


Click to the right to find out more information about MRIs, PETs & CTs




Let the folks at MINCEP give you some straight facts about epilepsy: diagnosis, treatments, surgery options and much more


Click on the computer icon to find out about avaliable clinical trials regarding epilepsy


Let the Brain Injury Society be a source of support & info for you


The International League Against Epilepsy (ILAE)
is the world’s preeminent association of physicians and other health professionals working towards a world where no persons' life is limited by Epilepsy. Its mission is to provide the highest quality of care and well-being for those afflicted with the condition and other related seizure disorders.



Take control of your seizures with the most advanced tracking software available. Keep track more efficiently and with more thorough detail than ever before.


The Seizure Tracking Calendar helps you keep a record of your seizures. Bring it to medical appointments so your doctor will have a clear understanding of exactly what you are experiencing.


Click on the Epilepsy Advocate icon to learn about living with epilepsy, webcast events and aboout programs & resources


Receive information from the Henry Ford Epilepsy Monitoring Unit regarding what it means to remain in the hospital under the care of neurologist and epileptologists while they study your brain, its funtions and your seizure activity


The Canadian Epilepsy Alliance is dedicated to the promotion of independence and quality of life for people with epilepsy and their families, through support, information, advocacy, and public awareness

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